Hosting with an edge

Standard Hosting

500 Mb space

5 Gb data-transfer

£5 month

Business Hosting

1 Gb space

15 Gb data-transfer

£9 month

Complete Hosting

2 Gb space

30 Gb data-transfer

£15 month

Master Hosting

4 Gb space

60 Gb data-transfer

£25 month

Corporate Hosting

8 Gb space

150 Gb data-transfer

£50 month

Ultimate Hosting

up to 25 Gb space

up to 1 Tb data-transfer

from £150 month


At DAHOST we accept the following payment methods:

Accept most credit and debit cards for payments and subscriptions. There are no fees if you are already a member.

PayPal accepts all major credit cards


UK credit and debit card payment gateway. They are convenient and have favourable fees.

NOCHEX accepts all major credit cards in UK


Accept most credit and debit cards for payments worldwide.

Skrill accepts Visa and Mastercard

Cheque, BACS and Standing Orders

UK Cheques in £ sterling are accepted as are bank transfers for payments and Standing Orders for hosting subscriptions.

Domain Names

.com .net .org

.biz .info .us

£24 /2years

UK Domains

£10 /2years

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