Hosting with an edge

Standard Hosting

500 Mb space

5 Gb data-transfer

£5 month

Business Hosting

1 Gb space

15 Gb data-transfer

£9 month

Complete Hosting

2 Gb space

30 Gb data-transfer

£15 month

Master Hosting

4 Gb space

60 Gb data-transfer

£25 month

Corporate Hosting

8 Gb space

150 Gb data-transfer

£50 month

Ultimate Hosting

up to 25 Gb space

up to 1 Tb data-transfer

from £150 month

Domain Registration

Register your own domain names from only £10 for 2 years.

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Domain Names

All new domain name registrations are priced at:

.com .net .org

.biz .info .uk

£24 /2years

£10 /2years

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All domain transfers are free

There are no hidden fees

Domains are registered to your name

Domain Names

.com .net .org

.biz .info .us

£24 /2years

UK Domains

£10 /2years

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