Hosting with an edge

Standard Hosting

500 Mb space

5 Gb data-transfer

£5 month

Business Hosting

1 Gb space

15 Gb data-transfer

£9 month

Complete Hosting

2 Gb space

30 Gb data-transfer

£15 month

Master Hosting

4 Gb space

60 Gb data-transfer

£25 month

Corporate Hosting

8 Gb space

150 Gb data-transfer

£50 month

Ultimate Hosting

up to 25 Gb space

up to 1 Tb data-transfer

from £150 month

About Us

Director: Noah HearleWe maintain several servers in the UK and US, specialising in high-quality Linux hosting services running Apache, domain registration and server reselling.

The DAHOST server and hosting service was established in 2001 after a significant increase in demand for complete internet solutions from Design Extreme. We now manage hosting for hundreds of individuals and businesses across the world.

Our current range of servers rarely, if ever, experience down-time. We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality connections with minimal or zero down-time. In addition, we have server redundancy options should anything happen.

If you have any questions about our services or require help once you have a hosting or reseller account, we have a range communication methods from 24/7 telephone support to ICQ, MSN and Skype VOIP. We will always return with a reply in the shortest possible time. We do not give automatic responses, only real solutions.

We have specialist knowledge in all areas of domains, hosting and servers to ensure that our clients have the support they expect.

Domain Names

.com .net .org

.biz .info .us

£24 /2years

UK Domains

£10 /2years

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